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Help center >Shopping Directory >Transaction clauses

Transaction clauses

The customer is obliged to abide by the following transaction terms when accepting the order and delivery of the goods. Before you place an order or accepting delivery, please read the following terms carefully:

1. The price of the ordered products is based on the online price of Yingdong International Platform when you place the order.

2. Please fill in your real name, delivery address and contact information clearly and accurately. Yingdong International Platform will not take responsibility for delays or inability to deliver goods due to the following reasons:

1. The customer provides error information and an incomplete address;

2. After the goods are delivered to the address , nobody sign and accept, the costs caused by the repeated delivery and the related consequences;

3. Force majeure.

3. Security: Whether you order goods by phone or online, we will ensure the security of transaction information, and the staff authorized by Yingdong International Platform will process your order.

4. Right of Privacy: Yingdong International Platform respects your right to privacy, we will not sell or disclose your personal and order information to any third party (except for national judicial authorities) under any condition. All customer information we receive from the website or by phone is used only to process your related order.

5. Disclaimer: If due to force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of Yingdong International Platform, the sales system collapses or cannot be used normally, resulting in incomplete online transactions or loss of related information and records, etc., Yingdong International Platform will Assist in dealing with aftermath as reasonably as possible, and strive to protect or reduce financial losses for customers.

6. Customer supervision: Yingdong International Platform hopes to provide customers with the best service through unremitting efforts. Yingdong International Platform accepts customer supervision during the entire process of providing services to customers.

7. Dispute settlement: If any dispute occurs between the customer and Yingdong International Platform, it can be resolved according to the agreement and relevant laws determined by both parties at that time.


Yingdong promises:

1. We uphold the sales philosophy of quality and service first. The products we sell are all high-quality products, and enjoy the same quality guarantee as the products you purchase on-site; the products containing the quality guarantee are implemented according to the promise of the guarantee, and other products are implemented according to the relevant national laws and regulations.

2. In the process of using Yingdong Logistics, we promise to bear the insurance costs in the distribution link. The risks of the transportation process will be borne by Yingdong. If the customer receives the damaged goods or the goods are lost, just make a statement on the spot, and After completing the relevant evidence, Yingdong will deal with it in accordance with the normal after-sales return and exchange procedures.


Yingdong Online Trading Guarantee Service

1. Yingdong International Platform provides online transaction protection services. All payment is monitored by the bank as a third party to ensure the security of the payment you have paid.

2. You use online payment to purchase the goods provided by the third-party seller. After the payment is successful, the Yingdong International platform will settle with the seller after you accept the goods and complete the operation of "confirm receipt".

3. For the goods provided by the third-party seller, after you submit the return application and pass, if the seller does not feedback the processing opinions within 48 working days after receiving the goods, Yingdong International Platform will intervene to handle the after-sales matters of the related orders for you.


Illegal order processing rules

In order to protect the rights and interests of platform users and sales merchants (hereinafter referred to as merchants), if users or merchants have violations of the order described in this rule, users and merchants promise to voluntarily accept Yingdong International Platform rules for processing.

.Illegal orders include but are not limited to the following:

1. One or more people agree to use one or more account to place an order without payment, incomplete payment, or choose to delay delivery, etc. to illegally occupy the inventory;

2. Merchants hype credit by false orders

3. The behavior of stealing other account, bank account information, etc., or stealing assets in other accounts, etc .;

4. Acts that threaten the security of Yingdong International's platform or merchant system;

5. Violation of the stipulations in the user registration agreement and the provisions of the rules of Yingdong International Platform;

6. Yingdong platform account registered with the software, or Yingdong platform account with any false information in the registration information and order details, or in any manner not approved by Yingdong platform (such as robot software, spider software, Crawler software, screen swipe software, etc.) accessing or logging into Yingdong International Platform for activities including but not limited to the following:

Receive and exchange coupons;

draw a lottery;

purchase goods;

Points redemption;

Participate in various preferential activities;

7, refusal to accept the goods after the order;

8. Purchasing large quantities of goods, and requesting delivery in batches due to financial constraints or other reasons;

9. Requested to be transferred to other carriers for secondary distribution;

10.Using software, technical means, split orders, or other methods to register one or more accounts to collect discounts, gifts, freight or other benefits, and one person uses the same or multiple accounts , Or agree  others to use the same or more account to place orders, etc .;

11. Send illegal content, advertisements, or spam messages by means of order receipt information, order remarks, messages, and evaluation.

.If any of the situations in Article 1 of the above rules occur, the user undertakes to voluntarily accept Yingdong International Platform or the merchant to perform any one or more of the following actions on the offending order:

1. Cancel the order;

2. No delivery;

3. Intercept and recover orders that have been delivered from the warehouse and shipped;

4. Yingdong International Platform or the merchant has the right to recycle, invalidate, or prohibit or restrict the use of coupons, gifts, or physical prizes that have been issued using the form in the first article above;

5. Delete or block illegal text, pictures or information;

6. Suspend or stop services;

7. Other Yingdong international platforms or merchants consider necessary control measures.


1. If the user violates the order stipulated in this rule, such as the order is cancelled, the product is not delivered within the scheduled time, or not delivered, etc., it will be handled in accordance with this rule. .

2. If the user violates the order stipulated in this rule, Yingdong International Platform and the merchant will take measures such as canceling the order, refraining from shipping, and not providing goods or services to customers without any compensation or compensation.

3. If the user cancels the order due to an illegal order in this rule, Yingdong International will refund it according to the refund process in the platform rules.

4. If the user has any questions about order cancellation, non-delivery, etc., he can contact Yingdong International Platform and merchant customer service.


Violation rules

Various behaviors that consumers operate through Yingdong International Platform account shall comply with laws and regulations, platform rules and registration agreements. When the following behaviors occur (including but not limited to), consumers are deemed to agree to accept Yingdong International Platform Or the merchant downgrades its rights, enforces risk verification, deducts points, freezes or closes Yingdong International Platform account, cancels the order, suspends or stops providing services, and agrees that Yingdong International Platform or the merchant does not make any compensation or compensation. Consumers are willing to take corresponding responsibility if losses are caused to Yingdong International Platform or related parties.

Violations include, but are not limited to:

1. The registration information contains false information;

2. False transactions, false positive reviews, and unfounded malicious evaluations;

3. When purchasing genuine products, return the non-Yingdong International platform corresponding to the products sold in the corresponding order, charge the product in good order, and act as a fake.

4. Refusal to sign the order for no reason or normal reason;

5. Abuse of the right to purchase goods or services, evaluation, application for refund, application for after-sales service, initiation of complaints or claims, damage to the legitimate rights and interests of others, or obstruction of the platform's operating order, such as: using other people's behavioral defects to initiate complaints, give Threats to others by means of malicious negative reviews, and solicits improper benefits;

6. Other behaviors in accordance with the rules of the violation order processing rules; (For details, please refer to: Rules of violation order processing)

7. Judging by Yingdong International Platform, consumers' ordering behavior does not conform to the principle of fairness or good faith.
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