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Shopping process

Yingdong international e-commerce platform shopping process: registration-sourcing products-add to cart-submit order-complete payment-confirm receipt

.Account Registration

How to register an account?

If you do not have a Yingdong account, please click to register. The detailed operation steps are as follows:

1. Open the homepage of Yingdong International Platform, in the upper right, click the "Free Registration" button;

2. Enter the registration page, please fill in your username, password, and email information;

3. Please read the "Yingdong International Mall Platform Service Agreement" carefully and tick the box I have read and agree to;

4. Complete the registration.

.Order process

shopping process:

Search for products:browse by category or directly search for products;

Add the products to shopping cart: After the products are added to the shopping cart, choose to  checkout or continue shopping;

Check order details: about bulk trade, after placing an order , please  talk to Negotiation Commissioner of  platform for transaction and freight details

Submit the order: submit the order after selecting payment method, invoice information, etc .;

Order payment: Pay advance payment or full payment according to transaction details;

Delivery: After receiving the payment, the Yingdong Commissioner will arrange logistics and delivery

Receipt:Buyers confirm the receipt after receiving the goods;

Evaluation after receipt: The buyers can evaluate the order after receipt confirmation.

Ordering steps:

Browse the product you want to buy, click "Add to Cart", the product will be automatically added to the shopping cart;

If you need to change the quantity of goods, you need to enter the quantity in the item quantity box

After selecting the product, click "Go to settlement";

Fill in the consignee information, payment method, invoice information and check the delivery list;

After confirmation, click "Submit Order" to generate a new order and display the order number;

View order details: you can enter "Order Center" to view.

.select goods

How to search for the products you want?

1. Query products by product category

For example, I need to buy 148 * 100 hot rolled H-beam:

Step 1: Move your mouse to the homepage of Yingdong International Platform [All Products] [Steel] [Profile] [H-beam] Click the left mouse button;

Step two and step three: In the options of the filtering page, select [148 * 100] in [Model], and select [Hot rolling] in [Production process];

Step 4: Select the required product based on the screening results.

2.Search keywords

For example, if you need to buy hot-rolled H-beam, you can directly search for the product or the keyword of the product in the search box-"H-beam" or "hot-rolled H-beam".

3.Query products by product number

You can enter the product number directly in the search bar to find the product accurately.

.submit the order

1.How to fill in the shipping address?

To fill in the shipping address:

Step 1: Login to Yingdong International Platform, click [Member Center] in the upper right corner of the platform homepage;

Step 2: Click [Account Center]-[Shipping Address] to enter the address filling page, and then click [New Shipping Address] to enter your shipping address.

2. How to check the products in the shopping cart?

After adding the product to the shopping cart, you can click [My Shopping Cart] in the upper right corner of the homepage of Yingdong International Platform to enter the shopping cart to query, modify and delete the product.

.cancel the order

If you want to cancel an unreceived order, the specific steps are as follows:

1. Enter "My Orders" page, choose the order you want to cancel, and click the "Cancel Order" button;

2. After selecting the reason for order cancellation, submit the application;

3. After the "Cancel Order" application is successful, you can check the cancellation progress on "My Orders> Customer Service> Cancel Order Record" page.


To protect the user's property, this column is for your reference.

1. Yingdong International platform and platform merchants will not have stationary orders, invalid situations, etc.The customer service  will not inform you of abnormal order through private mobile phone number, 400 phone or SMS, and will not guide you to ATM transfer. , QQ provides a refund link and other operations.

2. The actual status of the order is subject to the transaction status of the "My Orders" page of the Order Center. If you need to view the order and cancel the order, please click "My Order" to operate.

3. The website of Yingdong International Platform is Users are requested to distinguish it carefully.

4. Refuse to transfer or pay on behalf of strangers, do not pay in strange links, do not accept strange documents or scan unknown QR codes for payment.

5. Do not trust the illegal phishing links transmitted by WeChat, QQ, SMS, email, etc., and ask you to click the link to refund, transfer, etc. through the aforementioned methods and in the name of Yingdong International Platform.

6. Any verification code may be related to your payment. Please do not let others know.

7. For any related operations involving money, personal information, etc., please contact the official customer service for verification.

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