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Help center >After-sale service >After-sales Policy

After-sales Policy

For goods sold on Yingdong International Platform, some products can be returned for no reason within 7 natural days from the date of signing. For more than 7 days from the date of signing, subjective returns and exchanges can only be made after communicating with the seller. The product model is subject to the website label. Any product with a returnable mark is suitable for subjective return, and the product model without a mark is not returned. The specific return and exchange standards are as follows:

Return category

specific description

Whether to support returns within 7 days (including)

Whether to charge return shipping


Bulk custom goods do not match the order

It means that a certain product is customized by the customer and the production factory, but the actual arrival of the product does not match the material, specifications, technology, quantity, etc. of the order, and affects the normal use of the customer.



During the audit of Yingdong International Platform, logistics personnel may need to prove or require you to provide physical photos, etc., so that after-sales personnel can quickly make judgments and deal with them in a timely manner.

The seller will bear the freight for the replacement or return of the goods.

Bulk custom product order error

Due to the personal reasons of the customer, the order was wrong, and the material, specifications, process, and quantity of the customized product did not meet the requirements.



Bulk custom products do not support return.

To the cause of loss of goods, missing parts, or product descriptions that do not match the website

Logistics loss refers to the damage, liquid leakage, fragmentation, and performance failure caused during transportation. The situation is verified by after-sales personnel. Missing part means that the original parts of the product are missing.



During the audit of Yingdong International Platform, logistics personnel may need to prove or require you to provide physical photos, etc., so that after-sales personnel can quickly make judgments and deal with them in a timely manner.

other reasons

In addition to the above two reasons, such as return of goods due to personal reasons, under the premise of good goods.



You are responsible for the shipping cost of returned items.

Return range

1.Subjective return

In the case of ordinary goods without any problems, Yingdong International Platform promises: within 7 days from the date you actually receive the goods, you can enjoy the return without any reason if the return freight of the goods is borne by you. In order to maintain the normal operating order of the platform, the following products are not applicable for 7 days without reason to return:

Bulk custom products;

Personal custom goods;

Fresh and perishable goods;

Download online or your unpacked audiovisual products, computer software and other digital goods;

delivered newspapers and periodicals;

Other products that are unsuitable for return according to the nature of the product, and you confirm the unsuitable return when you purchase.

2. Instructions for return and exchange:

The returned goods need to be confirmed intact and accurate, and will not affect the secondary sales;

When returning the goods, you need to return the original invoice and related documents (including but not limited to the delivery note, receipt, product manual, warranty card and other credentials);

3. Not applicable

The products sold by Yingdong International Platform are all high-quality products selected by the platform. In order to maintain the normal operating order of the platform, the following products are not applicable for return and exchange:

Specially ordered goods according to customer needs, such as customized goods, purchasing goods, and goods ordered in large quantities;

Consumables, disposable products, special offers;

Over-guaranteed products (products that exceed the warranty period of the Three Guarantees);

According to the nature of the product, the customer should confirm that the product is not suitable for return at the time of purchase;

Any goods not sold by Yingdong International Platform or products that fail to issue a purchase invoice issued by Yingdong International Platform;

Affect the secondary sale of goods.

Cannot provide the Three Guarantees Certificate, such as invoices, warranty cards, etc., or the information of the Three Guarantees Certificate does not match the product and is altered;

Others should not be returned or exchanged according to law.

Special note: When returning a product, you need to deduct the points and corresponding coupons obtained through evaluation or copying when purchasing the product. If the account points and coupons have been used, the amount of the product refund will be deducted accordingly.

4. The scope that affects secondary sales includes but is not limited to the following:

Products with damaged outer packaging, unpacked, unpacked, used or missing accessories;

Commodities that are damaged due to force majeure or damaged due to improper use, maintenance and storage;

Product quality problems caused by unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, fluid ingress, accidents, alterations, incorrect installation, or torn, altered labels, machine serial numbers, anti-counterfeiting marks;

In the process of returning to Yingdong International Platform, the goods were damaged due to reasons other than Yingdong International Platform.

Return and exchange rules

1. Rules for judging the actual date of receipt: the actual date of receipt of the customer on the logistics document shall prevail;

2. When the customer sends back the product, the following written content should be attached to the package:

Accept the ticket number, customer contact and contact information;

Order number, model, quantity, and reason for return of the product to be returned / replaced / repaired.

3. Proof materials required for return and exchange:

The entire package picture, delivery list picture, product outer package picture and product detail picture;

In order to ensure the accuracy and improve the return and exchange efficiency, it is proved that the materials cannot be painted or squeezed.

4. Freight charge:

For return and exchange caused by Yingdong International Platform or product quality problems, the freight shall be borne by Yingdong International Platform;

The return and exchange caused by other reasons shall be borne by the customer.

5. Return and exchange period: If the goods are wrongly delivered and need to be returned or exchanged, after confirmation and verification, after the customer returns the goods, the customer will be processed as soon as possible.

6. About the invoice:

If the VAT invoice has been issued and the customer has not deducted it, the VAT invoice must be refunded;

If it has been deducted, please provide the Application Form for Special Invoice with Red Letter VAT;

If the above cannot be provided, the customer shall bear the tax loss resulting from it, that is, 13% of the tax-included amount of the invoice.

Refund instructions

1. The approved refund application will be refunded to the customer within 7-10 working days from the date of receipt of the refund application if the returned product is qualified by the warehouse or the merchant. No refund will be given if the inspection fails. In addition, due to the delay in the customer's submission of a refund application and the return of the product, as well as the processing of the refund cycle by third-party payment platforms such as banks and Alipay, the delay of the refund time cannot be ruled out.

2. Refunds for orders paid in any payment method on Yingdong International Platform will be refunded in the same way. The seller needs to provide the original proof of order payment and stamp a photocopy of the company's official seal as the basis for the refund payment.

After sales contact

Yingdong International Platform National Service Hotline: 0315-3270385, QQ: 125260608.
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