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 >  Hot rolled steel plate
Warm prompt:Because the manufacturer changes the product packaging、No prior notice of origin or replacement of random accessories,And the purchase status of each consultant、Time for questions varies, The following replies are for this purpose only3days,Other netizens are for reference only!Please kindly understand if this causes any inconvenience to you,thank you!

Published consulting

The statement:You can pack the product before purchase、color、transport、Inventory and other aspects of consultation,We have someone to respond!Because the manufacturer changes the packing of some products at any time、color、Origin parameter,So the response only works for the questioner at the time,Other netizens are for reference only!The working time of the consultation reply is:Monday to Friday,9:00to18:00,Please wait patiently for the staff to reply。

Security and confidentiality reminder:It is strictly forbidden to publish or process information and documents involving state secrets on the Internet,Disclosure of government information without approval is strictly prohibited,Violators will assume legal or administrative responsibility。

Consulting type:
All goods are genuine goods,Bring your own machine to make invoices,We will strictly implement the national three-guarantee policy,Enjoy national protection service。
Function of consulting:
It is suggested that you dial the official customer service number of each brand,To get more accurate information。
Consulting content:

Commodity information

Hot rolled steel plate
Name of commodity:Hot rolled steel plate
$ 540.00
Evaluation score:
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